Nachricht an MUFON in USA am 29.11.2018 nochmals seit 2015

Hallo Dear Mufon in USA, more about in my postcards in german and english for to save my life and health and money, flat, cats... stefanios is my main webside and heartmutos is my other webside with jimdo dot com.


mark zuckerberg and his wife and others are trying to kill me since 2008-2010 and again since 2015 till today with ufos and aliens ! 

Its all in my book about it on my webside 

This book must bring this human to jail vorever for his mardering my soul heart body mind and they try to do it everyday this is why i am calling even vor galacktic police for to take them finaly away from here in germany and best ist probably everwhere 


Becouse they tryied to destroy my lifw works: spiritual art, books, fotographie they must also pay a lot of money on my business bank acount 



I have send placed already all my writings to the highest courts in germany and in usa too, yet this human manipulate and couse fear to this human also !!! And manipulate the same way like possible coustomers of my works of art, books, texts symbols while in neeed of my pranormal mulitidmensional ablities !!!! 


I wont to get from this bilioner mark zuckerberg today 444 miliarden Euro 

and from sylvester Stalone too, he is dooing simmilar things 

also channing taoom and also some from goverments 


The events are on my webside and in my book invisible crime on my other websied heartmutos jimdo com and on youtube I talk about it all in german and english some too, just give in youtube my artistname Micelro Hearmtuos Erlxedo Light 

Foto von MUFON in USA von deren Webseite Adresse ist auf der Webseite
Foto von MUFON in USA von deren Webseite Adresse ist auf der Webseite


This contact list is a bitt time taking



UFO ALIENs macht auch TV Doku filme 


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